Saturday, December 25, 2010

Oprah was so impressed with Guy Sebastian she invited him to perform again at her top-secret wrap party

Guy Sebastian performs for Oprah when she hosts a lavish cocktail party at the Sydney Opera House for her 300 US guests flown to Australia by pilot/actor John Travolta her friend.

So impressed was Oprah with Guy that she personally invited him to perform again at an exclusive top-secret wrap party for Oprah’s staff at The Argyle in The Rocks in Sydney, Australia. Oprah was grooving and busting moves with her team and took to the stage afterwards to declare that while Sebastian is big in Australia, pretty soon he was going to be huge in America, too.

BTW today Guy Sebastian has just gone #1 in the Australian ARIA Charts with Who's That Girl - wonderful Christmas Present for him - Oprah sure can pick them!

here is Guy Sebastian's response to Oprah love for him

here is the youtube of Oprah's pick