Friday, October 28, 2011

Guy Sebastian performs before the Queen at CHOGM

Singing a self-penned song written for the Opening Ceremony of CHOGM by the QUEEN - Guy Sebastian shows his true Aussie class again!

In attendance at the opening ceremony held in Perth on 28 October 2011, were Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Minister Julia Gillard, the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth and heads of government from all 53 Commonwealth nations.

Her Kind of Guy 

The Queen appears to be a fan of Guy Sebastian and the singer/songwriter is a fan of CHOGM.

The former Australian Idol winner stole the show at yesterday's opening ceremony.  The Herald Sun has learned that Sebastian wrote the song It Starts With Us for the biggest-ever gathering of world leaders in Australia.

"United we stand: we've given our all; be as one; we'll rise to the call," he sang.

Sebastian received enthusiastic applause from the Queen, who had otherwise appeared unemotional through the 90-minute ceremony of speeches, dance and other cultural performances.

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Excellent Guy. You are the best of the bestest.